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Esther Postpartum Care was originated from Taiwan and established in the year of 2016 with caring and excellent environment that welcomes you like a queen and your new family member.

We extended our private, homely concept services and helping hand to new parents in their early education of taking care of baby including mother care and day care. We are here to manage both physical and emotional challenges to ensure the mothers get their greatest relaxation, nutrition, and postpartum recovery. Experience our kindness and capability throughout your confinement, where the place just like home.


Room IntroductionLuxury Living Suite

Luxurious design with spacious space that allowed toddler and father stay-in for free!

Room IntroductionDeluxe Living Suite

Contemporary design with good equipped of facilities such as television, refrigerator, wardrobe and etc.

Room IntroductionPremium Living Suite

Comfortable design with great mattress that reducing back pain.
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