Our Activities

Postpartum Care Center Activities

Some people might think that activities at a postpartum care centre revolve around postpartum and infant care. At Esthers, we bring you so much more. 

The most common concerns we get are that moms might get bored during their stay. Or that they lack the sufficient knowledge to take care of their baby once leaving the confinement centre. 

Not to worry! Our services include classes in baby care, after confinement care, DIY classes, yoga classes, and more!

Sharing of
Mommy’s Classes


  • Medical practitioners to guide you on how to take care of yourself and baby.
  • How to produce sufficient breast milk, bathing your baby, weight management, ways to make breastfeeding easier, common questions new parents ask and child care, advice and guild for mommy.

Emotional Comfort

  • [Affirmation and Love Language], [Create a Happy Home], [6 milestones of baby development].
  • Affirmation and love language for better understand of your partners, children, family member and friend, create a win-win strategy in family communication and build healthy relationship.

Handmade Classes

  • Feel the warmth of handmade gifts, convey your love and concern through it.
  • DIY handmade baby gift by mommy during confinement. Different items will be introduced every month.

Yoga Class

  • Yoga class from professional teacher, it will help for body recovery.
  • Enjoy bonding session with teacher and other mummy in the center.