Professional Confinement Centre
In Malaysia

With 13 years of experience in confinement care services, Esther Postpartum Care is dedicated to bringing you the best of Taiwanese hospitality and care in your city. We intertwine hospitality of international quality with our local Malaysian cultures and traditions, offering the best confinement care Malaysia has to offer. We also boast the most attentive services and cosiest postpartum care centre for a family to rest and recharge quickly, just like at home.

Esther – Professional Postpartum Care

Comfortable Environment

Postnatal recovery wouldn’t be complete without our 5 star, hotel grade facilities and environment. We always strive to make your surroundings as safe and comfortable as can be for your peace of mind.

Professional Team

With our arsenal of experienced, qualified, licensed nursing staff, and paediatrician, our team is definitely well equipped for any needs that will arise during the whole postpartum care process.

Postpartum Meal

Provides healthy and hygienic meals designed by Nutritionist and Chinese therapist for all the requirements needed for a steady recovery.

Postnatal Rehabilitation

To provide you with the best, steady recovery, Esther has a variety of postnatal rehabilitation services at your beck and call.

Why Us?


Quality Services

Luxurious Facilities

Postpartum Diet