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As the top postnatal care services provider in Malaysia, we always concern on providing the best postnatal service for our customers. We bring in the standard operation procedure (SOP) which we use in Taiwan and innovate it to suite with Malaysia culture.

Esther postpartum care provides a comfortable environment with well-equipped facilities. We have a spacious common area, individual rooms, lifts, spa room, yoga room, recreation area, baby swimming pool, car parks.

Babies are taking care by the professional nurse. Our nurse monitoring baby weight, vital sign, jaundice level and daily activities closely. Esther postpartum care has strict infection control procedure; hand washing, body temperature measuring and masque wearing are necessary when entering the centre.

For mother care, our professional team will do health assessment and psychology assessment for mothers from time to time. We encourage breastfeeding, the nurse will teach mummy some knowledge about breast care & massage, wound treatment and also observing the progress of recovery.

We provide 5 meals per day – breakfast, lunch, dinner, tonic soup and dessert. Meals are designed by Nutritionist and Chinese therapist for all the requirements needed for a steady recovery. Meal prepares based on high hygiene standard. It is safe, healthy and delicious!

In Esther, we have more than just baby and mother care; other add-on services such as mother courses, baby swimming, postpartum massage, hair care, herbs foot spa are also available in our centre.

Esther, the best choice postnatal care services provider in Malaysia!

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