Our Food for Confinement Meals

Armed with years of experience, knowledge, and research on nutrition and the female anatomy, Esther Postpartum Care Center provides healthy meals designed for all the requirements needed for a steady recovery. Inspired by Taiwanese all-natural diets, we’ve revised the meals to incorporate local flavours to be suitable for Malaysian palettes. Our exclusive rejuvenating teas and tonic soups, curated specifically for those seeking ‘food for confinement,’ are packed with research-based calories and nutrients to give your body the best of the best.


Metabolic Detoxification

Eliminate postpartum congestion, promote wound healing, and increase lactation


Rehabilitation of internal organs

Strengthen bones, waist and kidney, restore pelvis, moisten the intestines and promote bowel movement


Nourish and tonic

High-protein foods that replenishes ‘Qi’ and nourishes blood, promote milk secretion, and regulate physical fitness


Nourish and Tonic + Prevent Aging

Promote metabolism, improve unhealthy pale complexion, improve one’s look and beautifying

Specialty Drinks

Besides the food for confinement, our exclusive herbal tea from Taiwan is provided according to the postpartum stage to ensure sufficient breast milk without excessive calories and fat intake.